When I was growing up, I was taught that each of the states in this country had two people in the Senate. I never thought there was anyone else in this place until about a decade ago. I was watching an episode of American Idol and one of the contestants mentioned that her dad was a senator from my state. Considering the fact that I was familiar with who the two senators were at the time, I had no idea what this girl was talking about.

Apparently, each state has their own senators in addition to the two that are elected when it is time to vote. This was news to me when I heard it, and it made me feel like I am not an American at all. Since I am usually all caught up when it comes to politics and the like, the idea of not knowing how this worked until I was in the prime of my adulthood is rather disturbing.

I am still a little confused about why all of those senators are needed and exactly what it is their job is. I guess this means that I am going to have to do some research in order to uncover exactly what is going on. This may seem like something minor to most people, but it is very important to me to know and understand exactly how my government works.

The fact that I am not a huge voter when it comes to local politics makes me feel weird now. Since these people are going to represent the state, I think that it is important that I take an interest from now on. There would be nothing worse than continuing to walk around ignorant to the way the world around you works.